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welcome to my little hole in cyberspace- if you are here because you need my services or have been sent to me for help feel free to jump over to the contact page using the navigation at left.

Whatever your technology problems are, I can fix them. I have a vast skill set as an IT Generalist that allows me to translate technology speak for computers, automation controllers, robotics, cnc machines, alarm systems into useful business language, budgets and solutions.

few people get to say they truly love their occupation, I am happily able to say that I absolutely love the problems and challenges my field brings to my door. 

If you need a custom solution that requires getting multiple silos of expertise to talk I can be your bridge. do you want your in field embedded hardware to talk to your backoffice systems, then for that data to be piped and processed by accounting? no biggie, thats what I love. 

maybe your problem is more straightforward, your shiny new voip system is not working the way the vendor promised. maybe your current email hosting provider sucks and is telling you that your users mailboxes are too large..... maybe your still stuck on an old exchange install and want to move to a more robust solution such as google for business. 

no problem.

I dont know who sent you to me, but do know this- I love working with complicated puzzles and part of my cut is a love for taking broken business systems, processes and setups and fixing them up. [without a forklift upgrade of all your existing hardware]

<operating systems supported> 

            9x, NT, XP, 7, 8, 10
            NT, 2000, 2003r2, 2008R2, 2012, 2016

        redhat, centos, fedora, debian

        hp-ux, irix


cnc's, phone systems, fiber, twisted pair, routers, switches, firewalls, compressor systems, automation controllers, in vehicle electronics such as gps trackers, building automation, security panels, security cameras both ip and analog... and much more.


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